How Crestwood Got Its Name

What we know and love as Crestwood started out as a real estate development called Yonkers Park in 1890. Col. Alfred Cooley of Mount Vernon and his business investors started selling houses and plots in October, 1891.
In the fall of 1902, millionaire John Andrus was campaigning for Mayor of Yonkers. History tells us that he had trouble finding Yonkers Park and demanded that the name of the area be changed.
On October 20, 1902, the Yonkers Statesman reported that the name had been changed to Balmoral. However, on Nov. 15, the New Rochelle Press reported that Balmoral was not a popular name. In fact, it was so unpopular, a postcard vote was held. The name Crestwood won by 33 to 11. So, that is how Crestwood got its name. It would take about six to eight years for the name to stick, but that is another story!